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Prizefighter is a short documentary about amateur, female boxer and single-mother, Heather "the Heat" Hardy. 


The 2012 Olympics featured womens' boxing for the first time in its long history. Under the bright lights and in front of hundreds of cameras, the world's most renowned female boxers took the stage for millions around the world. But this isn't Prizefighter. 

In the forgotten, working class neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York, stands Heather "the Heat" Hardy. Still in the amateurs, Heather struggles to make ends meet for her and her daughter, Annie, all whilst training countless hours at the gym with her coach, Devon, to ultimately become the world's next boxing champion.

Prizefighter chronicles Heather's daily struggle, leading up to a championship match at the Metropolitan Championships in Queens, New York.


Associate Producer for cinematographer and director, Angela Wong, Ithaca College - 2011

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