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Marketing & Animation

With over a decade of experience in audio and video storytelling, I've developed a diverse skill set that encompasses creative storytelling and production across marketing and journalism. While these fields may seem distinct, my background in both has allowed me to cultivate a unique approach to strategic communication. Marketers and journalists alike must embrace elements of both disciplines in order to thrive. For instance, marketing tools such as audience engagement, data analytics, and spending strategy can enhance a journalist's ability to connect with their audience. Similarly, journalism's emphasis on authentic storytelling can empower marketers to focus on the real-world impact of their products and businesses. By merging these approaches, I strive to create more compelling and successful marketing stories.

Marketing Reel

This reel showcases media projects specifically from my work at 2U, such as photography, animation, and video, all of which reflect my leadership, creative, and production abilities.

This video is for private, noncommercial, portfolio use. It does not represent the views of any university or institution, and some marketing materials shown might be out of date.

Stop Motion

Though time-consuming and intricate, this stop motion animation represents what myself and any team is capable of when given freedom to explore unique creative solutions to marketing needs. As the producer, animator, editor, and colorist, this truly exemplifies my skills and passions. 

Motion Infographics

Longer animations can help audiences engage with more dense technical content. I created this animated video to promote the company's yearly Currents Report for small and media businesses. 

Event Media

Animated introduction created for DigitalOcean's company meeting, Shark Day, and used on all event video assets. My key objective was to align the motion style with the company's design rebrand.

Social Media Ad

With many animations, layered complex creations will deliver impactful results. In other case, some ads are just simple...

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