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Mothers of Langa

Motherhood, in any form, is never simple. It can take on any number of familial formations that contradict the classic nuclear family. This audio documentary and corresponding research show the dynamic story of Thembi Dike, a Xhosa single mother in Cape Town, South Africa, who entered motherhood with her 6 children through accidental pregnancy, a loss of her partner, and directly choosing to be an unmarried single mother.


Her multifaceted story is rarely considered by public representations and shows the possibility that some women want to be single mothers because of personal conflict with Xhosa marriage traditions. Xhosa women, like Thembi, find agency withinin independence by pursuing unique forms of motherhood. Single motherhood, a dominating formation in her township, allows mothers to find alliances and support in their community of shared familial structures. Motherhood is a holistic entity of independence, identity and agency.


Research and production of audio story  and independent study through the School of International Training in South Africa - Fall 2013

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