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Making Work Work
A Podcast From DigitalOcean

What makes a company sink or swim? Learn from the first-hand experiences of devs and builders, SMB and start-up founders, leaders in cloud tech, and DigitalOcean experts, alongside your host Rachael Lewis-Krisky.

This podcast is a labor of love, representing the intersection of my knowledge in technology and business, with my experience as a journalist and creative multimedia producer. Branded podcasts easily run the risk of sounding like one long ad, but we focused on creating a content marketing podcast that was as entertaining as it was educational for our DigitalOcean users and wider digital community. 

I wanted a show that spoke to listeners who care just as much about their environmental and social impact as they do about their back-end and bottom line. I wanted to inspire people struggling with their startups to never stop working toward their dreams. With the help of Adam Harder, Kurt Wooden, Roxie Elliott, and a few other talented folks at DigitalOcean, I produced and hosted a show that achieved just that. Through long-form episodes with experts in corporate marketing and cloud computing industries alike, and through short audio vignette episodes from successful startups entrepreneurs sharing their aha moment stories, Making Work Work is the modern and multifaceted podcast for our ever-evolving world.

Check out a few of my favorite episodes and listen to the full season wherever you get your podcasts.

Produced for DigitalOcean — 2022-2023.

Promotional content is key to the success of a podcast. And though there are faster ways to produce simpler assets, there is also incredible value in nuanced and creative content  for audience engagement, such as this video I produced for DigitalOcean’s podcast. 

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