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Family: Through the Eyes of the Beholder

Mishpacha (משפחה) is Yiddish for the entire family network of relatives by blood or marriage, and sometimes even close friends. I'm Jewish, a heritage up the Krisky line, that my father, uncle, and their parents share with me. My uncle's wife, and the Lewis class of my mother, her mother and all our relatives are not Jewish. Inheriting Judaism from my father instead of my mother, has always brought my authenticity into questions by orthodox communities. But when I'm surrounded by the love of my family, my identity is not under question.

This series depicts my family through my own metaphorical and literal lens, as well as their relationships with each other. They are all unique: they are strong, stoic, and familial; artists, mourners, and thinkers; patriarchs and matriarchs. Using props and human interaction, I showed themas they are to me.   


Photographed for Introduction to Photography at Ithaca College - November 2011.

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