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"Adoption" reveals the winding path LGBTQ couples must endure as they maneuver the unjust adoption system; simply seeking to fulfill their desire to love a child who they can call their own. Amidst existing discrimination against LGBTQ couples, having a family and adopting is far more legally, financially and emotionally difficult for LGBTQ couples than heterosexual couples. This documentary is a journey into the complicated fight for a right that most consider a basic step of life: starting a family. 

"Adoption" addresses the discriminatory laws and social practices that prevent LGBTQ couples from successfully adopting a child. Through this documentary, our passion for raising awareness on silenced social injustices led us to humble stories of characters who put their time, money, fears, tears, and love on the line against extreme state and national discrimination that dictates if they are capable of having a family. Making this film taught us to question the idea of normalcy and the aspects of our culture that come from the social standards of heterosexuality.

Produced at Ithaca College with JP Keenan and Aryelle Cormier - November 2011.  Aired on WCNY  PBS - December 2011.

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